Ecumenical Worldview

Ecumenical Worldview reflects a global worldview that transcends ethnocentrism and egocentrism. It indicates the extent to which the student is interested in different religious traditions, seeks to understand other countries and cultures, feels a strong connection to all humanity, believes in the goodness of all people, accepts others as they are, and believes that all life is interconnected and that love is at the root of all the great religions.

Students with a strong Ecumenical Worldview see the world as an interconnected whole and feel a personal connection with, and acceptance of, all other beings. Students’ Ecumenical Worldview is enhanced when professors value diversity, employ techniques of contemplation or meditation in the classroom, and directly encourage students to explore questions of meaning and purpose. Ecumenical Worldview is also strengthened when students interact cross-racially and when they participate in charitable activities.